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This blog follows Pretzel, the Western Hognose, as he journeys through life traversing treacherous fluffy blankets, burrowing deep into cavernous pockets, and climbing towering branches! Read More...

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Anonymous :  I feel like I remember you mentioning too that hognoses can be a little grumpy (I know that's certainly true for the one at where I work) but is that something that's easily managed through regular handling, or just a personality thing?

Both, I think.  Hognoses are well known for being drama queens, but having said that, Pretzel is actually really calm 99% of the time, so individual personality does come into it.  From what I’ve heard from other people though, regular handling can calm some grumpy hogs down.  When Pretzel’s having a grump, he usually calms down immediately when I pick him up. :L

sprite--wings :  can i ask how easy a hognose is to look after? friends of mine have corn snakes but i kind of adore hognoses and would love one when i can get my first snake. have you found Pretzel pretty easy to care for? sorry if this is a question you get a lot! Pretzel is super adorable by the way, i love coming here and looking at how much of a cutie he is

Aw, thank you!  For the most part, Pretzel has been fairly easy to look after.  As long as you set up and maintain their habitat correctly, hognoses are generally quite easy snakes to care for!

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brown-relatable :  Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out and signal boost this: koalawithatophat(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92268308707/5-y-o-mistreated-regular-female-ball-python-in-pa-needs for me? I have a rescue ball python that needs a home and with all of your followers it would be really helpful.

No problem at all.

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blazer-flamewing :  Hey there! I'm getting my first snake tomorrow, and she's a hognose! I'm so excited. I've got the tank all set up and everything and I'm just sitting here wishing it was tomorrow xD. I've always wanted a reptile pet but couldn't because my parents wouldn't let me and since moving out my living arrangements wouldn't allow for it, so I've been waiting for a long time! I just wanted to spam my excitement. Your blog is awesome, btw!

I have no idea when this was sent because I’ve been away, but that is so very awesome!!!  So if I’m replying late and you’ve already got your new hoggie, I hope everything’s going well and that you’re having fun, and if you haven’t got her yet, then I hope everything goes smoothly!!  Also thank you! :D

caliginoussoul :  just wanted to say that looking over pretzel's pictures has made me miss my little boy even though I only kept him for a month. ;u ; pretzel certainly gives me my daily dose of happiness just by looking at his silly little face though, he's honestly adorable and making me consider getting another noodle of my own again. c:

I’m sorry you miss your little boy, but I’m really glad that Pretzel makes you happy, and I fully recommend getting another noodly friend! :)