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This blog follows Pretzel, the Western Hognose, as he journeys through life traversing treacherous fluffy blankets, burrowing deep into cavernous pockets, and climbing towering branches! Read More...

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Just wanted to say sorry that things might be a bit slow for a while, and I’m going to be closing the ask box for a little bit due to aforementioned personal stuff because I’m going to be up and down to London for the next couple of weeks and it’s all pretty busy and stressful.  I have a couple of things left in the queue though, and I’ll be back to making gifs and things really soon!  Thanks for understanding!

Anonymous :  More pretzel gifs and videos please?! I can't have a snake because I'm in college and I live vicariously through blogs like yours. I love pretzel!

Aw, I’m glad you enjoy Pretzel so much!  I’ll be making more gifs very soon, but unfortunately I’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on right now which might mean the blog is a bit slow to update for a couple of weeks, but I’ll do my best to get it on track as soon as possible! :)

fairypsychic :  How can you tell when a hognose has outgrown its tank? I'm getting my first one soon, and I have a 10 gallon tank to start out with, but is there an age or something like that where I should look in to getting him a larger one?

I’ve heard that the easiest way to judge is to make sure that the snake isn’t longer than the shortest side of the tank, although I’ve seen a lot of conflicting opinions, so if anyone more informed than me would like to offer up info, feel free!

Either way it’s worth bearing in mind that all snakes are different; some snakes are quite active and appreciate lots of space, but some snakes don’t like living in huge enclosures and might even go off their food if they’re in a tank that’s too big (Pretzel is the former!).  But the most important thing is that they have plenty of room to properly thermoregulate.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific.  Tank sizes are a thing I’m way more confident judging by sight as I am not brilliant at translating gallons to inches to centimetres, etc etc!

Anonymous :  Hello! I have been wanting to get a hognose for a while and I have done tons of research. Now, well, in two weeks I am going to go to a reptile show and see if I can find an albino female (I want to call her Lulu). I know that you aren't too experienced but I wanted to know if there was anything that you had to say about hognoses. By the way, I am a huge fan of your blog and Pretzel is one of the cutest I have seen (no shit). Thank you so much!

If you’ve done tons of research I don’t think there’s an awful lot I have to say apart from that they’re absolutely awesome snakes that I adore, and I am hugely jealous that you’re getting an albino! :P  But I’m glad you enjoy Pretzel, and I wish you the best in getting Lulu! :)

kamoe :  What is the goofiest thing Pretzel's ever done, and do you have pictures of it somewhere?

That is such a tough question… I would say the goofiest thing Pretzel’s ever done was when I accidentally breathed on him and he got so offended that he slithered backwards all the way into his hide.  He then proceeded to glare at me until I left.

He’s also tried to eat his own butt because he mistook it for a mouse.  Thankfully he realised his mistake before taking a bite.  He now opens his mouth in the hopes that food will just be inserted…

I think the goofiest things I’ve caught on camera have to be either the time he wedged his face into the crotch of an artist’s mannequin, or time he squished his head between his branch and the viv wall.

Also all the times he’s tied himself in knots